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iKlear Large Terry Style Microfibre Chamois Kloth

iKlear Large Terry Style Microfibre Chamois Kloth

iklear Terry Style Microfibre polishing cloth is a high capacity, ultra-absorbent, optical-grade microfibre polishing cloth made from the highest quality microfibre materials. This polishing cloth is ideal for cleaning every screen from the Widescreen Glossy screens to the big screen TV and High Definition Screens. Is highly recommended for heavy-duty screen cleaning, multiple screens in classroom and lab settings. Is washable and reusable and will last hundreds of cleanings

. This pack contains
  • one (1) iKlear Large Terry Style High Capacity Ultra-absorbent Polishing cloth of 355 x 400mm in size. (14" x 16").

The combination of Klear Screen or iKlear with the Terry Style Micro- Fibre Polishing Cloth creates the world's safest non-damaging cleaning combination for all computer screens.

Highly recommended for all monitors with todays most sophisticated display screen surfaces and large screens. Use in conjuction with iKlear or Klear Screen cleaner.

Also ideal for
  • Flat panel displays
  • Plasma HDTV, wide screen, big screen projection TVs
  • Portable DVD players
  • Car Satellite navigation systems
  • All piano style high gloss lacquer or acrylic surfaces


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